County Committees are established by the Secretary of State of Missouri and exist to provide leadership and organization to the various political organizations which they represent.  The Johnson County Republican Committee seeks to elect republicans into office at every level of government by funding, organizing and advocating for leaders who accept the responsibility of leading government.  We support the goals and organizational structure of the Missouri GOP, whose party platform can be accessed here: https://www.missouri.gop/about/platform/

By statute, an executive committee exists to lead those who serve on the Central Committee.

Chair: Brandon Phelps

Vice Chair: Jan Jones

Secretary: Temporarily Stormy Taylor

Treasurer: Daric Elwell

Deputy Treasurer: Dennis Boling

Parliamentarian: Rob Russell

Each township may have one man and one woman serve as a voting member of the Central Committee, elected by the majority:

Centerview Township

Dennis Boling

Lisa Boling

Chilhowee Township

Jasen Jenning

Nancy Jo Jennings

Columbus Township

Sammy Mathews

Committeewoman: OPEN


Chris Parrott

Amanda Strobel

Hazel Hill

Chad Davis

Christi Allen


Daniel Mainard

Nancy Mainard




Committeeman: OPEN

Lori Wilbee-Kobe

Madison (North Holden)


Mary Ellen Young

Madison (South Holden)

Sam Raber

Doris Raber


Mark Reynolds

Jenn Reasbeck

Post Oak

Scott Munsterman

Cheryl Munsterman

Rose Hill

Kenvin Buckstead

Darlene Buckstead


Tom Fitzpatrick

Heather Meyers Reynolds

Warrensburg NE

Gary Waner

Karen Waner

Warrensburg NW

Dan Houx

Toni Houx

Warrensburg SE-1

Gene Lang

Mary Jay Lang

Warrensburg SE-2

Daric Elwell

Natalie P. Halpin

Warrensburg SW

Brandon Phelps

Jan Jones


Ronnie Corbett

Violet Corbett

Meetings of the Central Committee are open to visitors who are welcome to become a part of the electoral and leadership process.  Feel free to contact us at any time with questions on ways to help serve.

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